Extraordinary Leadership. Unparalleled Experience.

Architects of Canada’s pharmaceutical industry.


EmpowerPharm is an early-stage Canadian pharmaceutical company developing prescription CBD tablets for anxiety sufferers. We are led by healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals with over 450 years of cumulative industry experience.


Our mission is to become a global pharmaceutical leader in CBD-based therapeutic products that empower people to make better, more informed personal health decisions.

We are focused on becoming the first pharmaceutical company to earn a Drug Establishment Licence for manufacturing CBD products in Canada.

We will lead the way from Canada by undertaking clinical research studies to fully determine CBD’s efficacy. Each of our prescription products will require a Drug Identification Number and will be approved by national and international regulators.



Quality is our #1 core value and our #1 strategic advantage

Our products empower healthier lives by elevating the quality and choices of available pharmaceutical products that make significant positive impact on patients and consumers seeking new and transformative methods to better manage personal health.