Annual General Meeting & Investor Update

EmpowerPharm presents its first Annual General Meeting & Investor Update.

With nearly 100 shareholders attending live, members of the EmpowerPharm Senior Management team conducted the company’s inaugural live event. Aubrey Dan, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, led the legal formalities including the annual voting in of the directors. Next, Peter Billiaert, Co-Founder, President, and Board Member, presented an overview of the company, accomplishments from the past year, and a roadmap for what the company is focusing on next.

Peter answered many questions that shareholders sent in prior to the AGM & Investor Update including discussing competitive analysis, clinical development strategy, and impacts due to COVID-19. Then, Chrys Chrysanthou, Chief Financial Officer, went over the company’s 2019 financial performance and touched upon figures for 2020 up to April 30. He presented EmpowerPharm’s organization chart with the anticipated hires over rest of the fiscal year and detailed the company’s anticipated future capital raises. Finally, Aubrey Dan concluded the presentation by talking about the CBD Research & Addiction Foundation that EmpowerPharm is starting. Through the foundation, EmpowerPharm’s research will help combat the opioid and benzodiazepine addiction crises that are prevalent in many communities today. The event webcast can be found here online.