EmpowerPharm hires MNP Corporate Finance as investment bankers

EmpowerPharm will launch Series B private placement later this year.

EmpowerPharm conducted a successful initial private placement in the summer of 2019 led by the management team. This year, the company is looking to raise a more significant amount of capital from a sophisticated group of individual and institutional investors. To prepare the proper pitch materials and financial information that these investors require, EmpowerPham knew that it needed a partner with large financial horsepower.

After speaking to a number of banks and investment dealers, EmpowerPharm decided that MNP Corporate Finance was the best partner to lead the Series B capital raise. MNP’s professionalism and diligent approach was the right fit. EmpowerPharm will work alongside MNP to conduct due diligence for the next several months, with a targeted Q3 launch for the private placement.