R&D Equipment

The newest pieces of equipment that we purchased are designed specifically for research and development purposes. During the facility construction, R&D was being conducted off-site, at an external consultant’s lab. These pieces are small scale versions of the large-scale production equipment that you have seen on the virtual tour. Purchasing this equipment provides the flexibility and autonomy to do research and formulation development in-house.

Glatt Mini/Midi Laboratory Fluid Bed Processor

The Mini/Midi Glatt is a self-contained, bench top system for processing batch sizes from 2.5 to 1850 grams. It is designed for top spray granulating, granulation drying, and bottom spray particle coating.

Glatt Tabletop Vertical Granulator, TMG

The TMG laboratory tabletop high shear mixer/granulator provides a versatile range of processing conditions. The raw material powders are set in a three-dimensional spiral motion by means of a high-speed rotor. Within a few minutes, a homogeneous distribution of the product is achieved. A liquid binder is then sprayed on the powder particles to form wet granules and a wet mass is discharged and dried in the fluid bed processor.

Uni-Mill M05-UB

The Uni-Mill M05-U conical mill is for wet-milling granulation from the high shear granulator and for dry-milling the granulation from the fluid bed processor. The Uni-Mill produces granules with the desired particle size for blending and tablet compression.

MaxiBlend Lab Blender

GlobePharma’s MaxiBlend® lab blender is a self-contained tumble blender for powders. As the shell rotates, the tumbling action brings about homogeneous mixing of the ingredients. An integral intensifier bar helps to achieve homogeneous mixing of small dose ingredients.